Paper Surgical Mask o was fighting with Ye Han at the moment couldn t help but laughed Paper Surgical Mask happily Ha ha ha, Paper Surgical Mask I m so dead, I don t even know how to die, I will let you die.Fighting is Paper Surgical Mask not Paper Surgical Mask prohibited in the fog city, but it is necessary to pay the battle damage fee before the battle, otherwise it will violate the city regulations.The trough Rao is not low in Ye Hanhan. At the moment, when Paper Surgical Mask he heard this, he still couldn t help but sigh.He said There is still such a broken rule. He realized that this is the real purpose of Jiang Hong and the middle aged warlock.They use their own understanding of this foggy city, but they do not know the rules of this foggy city to provocate and force themselves to violate the rules.Use the law enforcement of the fog city to solve yourself The so called combat damage costs, in fact, become a murderer fee in disguise, and the murderer they bought is the group of law enforcers who can kill and kill in this foggy city.Such a strategy is very simple and rude, Paper Surgical Mask but the effect is quite good.I heard Ye Han s drink, and the man s face was even Paper Surgical Mask more heavy.He sighed There is even a dare to insult the city rules.This is

equal to the sin of the urban master Paper Surgical Mask who insulted 3m n95 1860 masks the city rules.In the meantime, the. killings in the eyes of all law enforcers are even more flashing, one by one spray foam respirator like a beast that disposable mask walmart eats people.Chapter 386. Guild War Enforcer The person who took the lead in the first place looked at the excitement.The person who was passive and self defense coronavirus spike protein and tropism changes turned out to become a sinner.He was arrested and even directly assisted by the other party.This may only happen if it shows calmness, actually in the foggy city where darkness and chaos are extreme.Seeing that the law enforcer rushed to his side again, this time seems to be all real, one by one is killing the machine, Paper Surgical Mask Ye Hanzhen can let them just seize themselves Paper Surgical Mask Anyway, this foggy city is already Paper Surgical Mask going to kill him.He doesn t have to be polite with Paper Surgical Mask the other side. The law enforcer who first rushed to Ye Han s face seemed to see Ye Han s intention to resist.He sneered and 3m 6211 respirator against mold lowes said If you dare to resist, Paper Surgical Mask we will do whatever it takes to kill you.Don t look for death Ye Han Paper Surgical Mask was laughing a few times, his face suddenly sinking and shouted I look for the dead person is you When the sound

Paper Surgical Mask

fell, his sword Paper Surgical Mask pointed a wave, and a sword mans appeared in the air, and slammed into the fog city law enforcement.The fog city law enforcer was also a Wu Zongqiang, but at the moment, under the attack of Ye Han, he was shocked and hurriedly backed away, and at the same Paper Surgical Mask time he had the strength to protect hi.mself. He did not Paper Surgical Mask expect himself to be like this.Defense, or is easily smashed by the sword of Ye Han not good Jianmang approached his heart again, his body suddenly shocked, and it disappeared Paper Surgical Mask out of thin air, appearing next to another companion.boom Ye Han s swordsman Paper Surgical Mask fell to the ground and slammed the ground into a large pit.Seeing that the hard ground was so ruined, the law enforcement escaping face was slightly white, and then his mouth immediately spilled a trace of blood and was injured.The Paper Surgical Mask law enforcement officer who escaped from the robbery looked pale and looked at Ye Han.His eyes were full of incredulity. He couldn t speak for a while.I don t know if he was shocked by Ye Han s attacking power, or he was shocked that Ye Han actually dared to be so strong against them.Ye Han saw that his brow was also

air purifying respirator types wrinkled, and even if he was relieved.Undoubtedly, his attack did not attack the other party, but the other dust mite mask sleeping party was indeed injured.This is because the other party paid for the special function of the armor in order to avoid his attack.This is a bit of Paper Surgical Mask a hassle. Ye Hanhuan swept around, Paper Surgical Mask his heart secretly.He doesn t think that the function that allows the law enforcement of the Misty City to be transmitted to another location out of thin air is only one person.The armor Paper Surgical Mask of other law enforcers must have Paper Surgical Mask the same characteristi.cs, or different but powerful features. There are 3m 7513 respirator such sharp weapons, plus the repairs of these law enforcers themselves are not ordinary, Paper Surgical Mask Paper Surgical Mask all of them are all strongmen above the genre level, and many of them are the eighth order and nine level ranks of the ancestors, and they all have the sharp edge to deal with It Paper Surgical Mask is definitely not a simple matter.When Ye Han s spiritual consciousness began to probe many law enforcement 999 officers repeatedly, all the people around him were 3m6800fullfacemaskrespirater also shocked by the scene.No, in the face of the foggy city law enforcement, he actually dared to resist.This guy, I am a