Hospital Mask ian Hospital Mask can also be said to be created Hospital Mask by Ye Han, which belongs to Ye Hospital Mask Han.Trick At the moment when the sound was heard, the lotus in the hand was moved, and he slowly pushed it out.Time, Hospital Mask blue Hospital Mask light, purple light The roaring Hospital Mask water system is the ice power and the lightning Hospital Mask force.With the leaf cold, all the fingers are madly flocking to the seven emperors Ye Dan.As soon as it was dispatched, the fire butterfly that was still wrapped around Ye Han was directly crushed and turned into countless Mars.The rushing ice and Lei Yuanli did not seem to be obstructed by the slightest, and continued to rush toward Ye Dan, as if to swallow him directly.The gray haired old man in the distance of dangerous exclaimed at once, King of the Crown Prince The sound has not fallen, and others have suddenly rushed toward Ye Dan and want to go to rescue their own master.however boom Without waiting for him to walk a few steps, a terrible momentum overflowed from the mighty thun.der and water rush, and when the air was suppressed, it was heavily pressed against the gray haired old man.The old man in the gray coat fell directly to the ground with his head, and h

is face slammed on the ground, blood and plastic masks bulk splashing, and the wolf was very incomparable.Listening Hospital Mask to the fierce cry of Hospital Mask the old man in the gray coat, Ning Junfeng and other people who originally wanted to rush up, suddenly numb the scalp, and the action was not a good one.This water printing attack is really too horrible. Some people in the place were shocked by the mighty attack.Only the seven emperors were not reconciled, and the face Hospital Mask was full of fury.As the Hospital Mask blue violet streamer continues to push in, the sacred glare Hospital Mask of Ye Dan s body is constantly ventilator respirator exploding, and the fire is splashing.He snorted, his blood rushed, and his mouth was overflowing with blood.The what face masks make the most impact urging fire is a high level technique, although the power is strong, but the counter attack when counterattack is also quite fierce.I want to kill you. Ye Dan looked Hospital Mask up at Ye Han with a sullen look and snarled wildly.As one of the top elites of the 3m 6899b mask younger generation of the royal family, he has suffered such a fiasco and his opponent is still a laureate who why do fishermen wear face mask has been exiled for many years.He is still a small person who has been threatened by.the world. Now it is a serious threat

Hospital Mask

to his life, which makes Ye Dan accept Regardless of the injury on the body, Ye Dan forced the vitality, and the fire was as irritating as it was.The fire butterfly once again condensed, and the bombardment came from the side of the leaf Hospital Mask cold.It was temporarily forced to withstand the attack of Ye Han.I still want to kill me now. Ye Han licked his Hospital Mask mouth and Hospital Mask stepped forward, then raised his Hospital Mask hand and pointed at Ye Dan again.This time, he did not give instructions to the shackles, but he launched an out The crisp sound of the air broke, but it was the simplest method of the cone of Hospital Mask energy suddenly shot at Ye Dan.Seeing that Ye Han suddenly made such an action, many people on the Hospital Mask scene were exposed to the hustle and bustle and could not understand.It s hard to be done. The 13 year old prince thought that such a powerful cone could actually hurt the seven emperors.When everyone began to doubt whether Ye Han was crazy, suddenly, they made them feel incredible things.I saw the seven emperor Ye Dan in the moment when he saw the face of the gas cone, but his face changed dramatically, as if he was stared at by the poisonous sn

ake beast.He was no longer controlling the attack of Hospital Mask the fire butterfly, and he snorted and walked under his.feet. Going back and forth.In this chaos, his own attack naturally collapsed. In an instant, countless fire butterflies disappeared on their Hospital Mask own, and even blew themselves up, causing chaos around his body.Ye Han coronavirus change s Thunder fog ice lotus has been driving straight into the air, and the momentum has risen one level.Boom The power of ice and thunder is raging in madness, like a slap in the face, causing respirator mask costume an explosion Water is the nemesis of the flame, not to mention the Thunder help at the moment.After Ye Dan sneaked away from the cold cone of Ye Han, he immediately felt Hospital Mask the terrible pressure, and his body trembled fiercely because of the shudder.He clenched his teeth, respirator fit test record form struggled and wanted to reverse the situation, but the horrible ice lead respirator cartridge Hospital Mask and thunder force was more fierce than a wave, just like the lotus bloomed layer by layer, and his fire system was restrained.Dead and dead, making him completely unable to fight Hospital Mask bang For a moment, he was slammed into a Hospital Mask hill hundreds of meters away, latex mask trapped in the cracks of the mountain.The power o