Face Mask Face Mask ks, ready to receive rewards.Suddenly seeing this scene, everyone suddenly boils.The task of 500,000 points of military exploits, even the best of them, will take at l.east a year to accumulate such income. Face Mask But now there are six such huge rewards, how can they be surprised and excited.However, Face Mask they are also people who have experienced life and death Face Mask Face Mask battles, and they have not been overwhelmed by this huge reward, because they know that the rewards are often rich, which means that the task is more difficult and dangerous.Sure enough, when the people subconsciously looked at the mission request, the whole hall was quiet again.On the task list, clearly stated the employment requirements the team hired, the average repair to the division level seven or more, there are special occupations, such as the alchemy division, the spiritual teacher, the surgeon and so on.This kind Face Mask of hiring requirement, although more than half of the teams in the room will veto the full force of the Face Mask task, but the reward of the 500,000 point battle is so no

rmal, it does not cause everyone to care.However, the point that follows is the content of the task, but it is the heart Face Mask of the crowd.Task content Escort the employer to the Devil s Face Mask Mountains to help rescue the bulk face masks target.Devil Mountain These words jumped into the eyes of everyone and touched the nerves of Face Mask everyone.If you are a person who is staying in this stagnation, it is impossible to not know this place, and it is even.more impossible to not understand the danger of this place.No one expected that diy face masks with lavendar and eucalyptus for headaches this task was actually to explore such constant air flow respirator mask a ghost place.Cut, I don t know who it is, Face Mask and I have to take this kind winter motorcycle face masks of thing to tease us.I can t see people teasing people, even if they are teasing people, don t use six tasks to send them together.It s hard to be true Face Mask that someone trapped in the Face Mask Devil s Mountains Face Mask actually needs to use so many exploits to hire people to rescue.It is impossible for someone to pick where can i buy n95 respirator masks up the task of saving people in the Devil s Mountains unless they want to die.For a time, everyone in front of Face Mask the task list tal

Face Mask

ked about it, and some people have already gone to the front desk to inquire about the details of this task.In order to protect the Face Mask individual, the task list will not announce the name of the task publisher.Unless they accept the task, they will be able to know the identity of the employer.Most of them can only guess at this moment. However, those who are concerned about Ye Han s entry into the hunter s guild, from the task content on this list, and some recent events related to the Face Mask thirteen Face Mask princes, quickly inferred some clues Soon, some people analyzed that the Face Mask publishers of these tasks should be the Lin Biao they just watched.This 13 year old prince is ready to. hire people to go to the Devil s Mountains to save the blood eagle team.The shot is actually a reward of 3 Face Mask million points. The handwriting is not small.Among the crowd, a follower of Ye Dan analyzed the leaves.The purpose of the cold. He quickly took out Face Mask the message and said, Face Mask I have to call the Seventh Emperor s Highness to communicate.The 235th chapter Within the s

orcerer s guild, the 3m 4279 half face mask crowd is Face Mask constantly talking about the special tasks that suddenly appear.At the same time, Face Mask there are many people who are talking about the many ominous legends of the Devil Mountains.Many people think that the person who issued Face Mask this task must be teasing everyone.After when to replace n95 respirator all, he wants to hire a job that is not low, and the team that can meet his conditions is nokia n95 viber basically in Face Mask this eternal Face Mask life.I don t know the when someone uses someone elses face as a mask dangers of the Devil Mountains. If those newcomers who have just arrived recently may not know the situation of Face Mask the Devil s Mountains, they will be impressed by this huge reward.But the question is how many of the newcomers can have the average rank of seven or more.However, seeing this situation, Ye Han was not in a hurry, Face Mask so he sipped tea in the VIP room.He believes that there must be brave men under portable respirator the reward, and the people needed for the devil s mountain trip must also be brave.Otherwis. e, don t say help after going, maybe it will delay.Finally, after a lot of chaos, many people who were not in the h